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What we do

We make digital products that inspire, engage, and create impact.

Some Client challenges we're solving
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Ensuring Safe Use of Customer Data

Market Freely With or Without GA4

Using online tracking and analytics in health marketing is what allows for personalized and seamless digital experiences. While the effect of personalized experiences empowers the consumers to self-advocate and direct their health journey, it’s equally important that their Personal Health Information (PHI) remains private and secure in the process.

Phase2 has packaged the best options to balance privacy and security with the consumer expectation of personalized and tailored digital experiences. 

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Career Concierge

A Curated Gateway for Employee Application and Retention

Employee attraction and retention has become a critical challenge in the health & wellness industry. Whether it be nurse retention, pharmaceutical sales, or health insurance benefit administration, applicants and even long-term employees are often mismatched with their organizations and systems, culturally or in competency sets. 

Phase2 recommends creating a “candidate front door” that streamlines and clarifies the employer and employee experience. Through pre-answering baseline questions around location, education, and values, applicants are directed to a curated space tailored for them, including the best ways to “get started.” As a result, health companies are able to capture more warm and qualified candidates by creating a white glove application experience. 

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Power on Purpose

Digital Products Made for Performance and Impact

It’s no longer enough to invest mightily in an effective, beautiful, progressive digital experience. Today, the hurdle for many health organizations is getting target audiences to be aware of and loyally use that product intended to empower, educate, and improve outcomes. Through personalized marketing, a data-backed product perfomance plan, and action-oriented customer journeys, organizations are now able to create true engagement and participation on their valuable platforms.

Phase2 doesn’t stop at the build and launch of digital products; we ensure that clients have the right tools, insight, and campaigns to ensure the product reaches intended audiences and drives the business forward.

How we work

At Phase2, the digital products we make drive organizations forward. 

Shaping your business

As dreams and strategy mingle, we guide you to what’s next for your business and plot the course. With a shared strategic vision and a plan to market, you can almost touch the future.

Building with precision

“It just works.” Truly solving the most difficult digital challenges means that the technology is empowering, but invisible. Phase2 tackles the most intricate and complex frameworks, solved by the brightest talent in the industry.

Designing to captivate

Beautiful? Absolutely. Frivolous? Never. Guiding your customers into deeper loyalty and satisfaction requires nuance, an understanding of audience, and a sense of adventure.

Tailoring to perform

Digital experiences are always evolving: with customer preferences, with business pivots, with testing and learning. Implementing a data-driven marketing and optimization strategy informs iterations that need to get to market — fast!

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