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Data Privacy & Regulation

Safeguarding the Customer Relationship It’s all about trust

Our goal is to earn our clients' trust by helping them earn their customers' trust.

Scott Hockett | Principal Data Consultant

Data privacy is seen by many companies as a critical compliance risk and rightly so. The perceived combination of rapid change, stiff penalties, and aggressive enforcement is real. Privacy risks have become a key area of focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) due diligence checklists.

At Phase2, we view the challenges presented by the increased focus on customer data privacy as a strategic opportunity to build and maintain customer trust. Study after study has shown that consumers are aware of the broad outline of privacy issues (if a little unclear on the specifics), and that they value trustworthiness as an important attribute of their service providers.

We believe that responsible handling of data privacy and user consent represents opportunities to:

  • Build trust with the customer
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Ultimately, strengthen the brand relationship

We recognize that responsibly managing personal data and fulfilling the requirements of data protection regulations require a close coupling among system design, data architecture, process implementation, and the people involved. Phase2 architects and builds systems with privacy by design and default. We are experienced at integrating with consent management platforms, helping our clients navigate the changing landscape of martech.

We believe a customer's data is their digital fingerprint and is treated with the same care and consideration. Above all, we work to help our clients assure their customers by informing them how and why their data is to be used in a transparent and trustworthy manner.  

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