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Digital Strategy

Driving Digital Transformation for Business Impact Mapping the digital course for today, tomorrow and the future

We empower our clients by turning big ideas into actionable goals, optimizing their investment, and working with their teams to tackle challenges in pursuit of their objectives.

Karina Schuelke | Director of Digital Strategy

Phase2’s goal is to move clients forward in the process of digital transformation, tailoring their digital products, experiences, and operations for a digital-first world. 

To help clients achieve their goals, we:

  • Ensure digital investments deliver according to their goals;
  • Scale digital ecosystems;
  • Craft the vision for and path towards our client’s digital future. 

We aim for clients to experience digital transformation that empowers teams, delivers a unified experience for audiences across platforms, and ultimately achieves organizational goals through the power of technology.  

Our approach to digital strategy focuses on partnering with clients to understand the current state as well as the objectives, then crafting a vision and a path that drives towards a transformed future state. Our work consists of the following types of activities: 

  • Defining the current problem space and needs;
  • Guiding organizations in leveraging digital tools and channels;
  • Developing and recommending specific digital strategies;
  • Identifying impacts, requirements, and barriers for digital transformation;
  • Designing solutions, setting strategic direction, and recommending change.

Through this work, we help clients:

  • Achieve ambitious digital goals;
  • Create a holistic, digital customer experience;
  • Align stakeholders around common goals;
  • Understand the digital nuances of the competitive landscape;
  • Reshape digital products, experiences, and digital ecosystems from mergers, acquisitions, and new digital initiatives;
  • Mature and automate operations in light of new digital imperatives. 

Across this wide array of challenges, digital strategy sets clients up for success both now and for the future.  

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