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Leadership Team

Diversity of thought, perspective, and experience is what fuels our leadership team. While we are proud of our unique cultural and professional backgrounds, each member equally embraces our core value to adapt, evolve, and always improve.


Jeff Walpole Headshot

Jeff Walpole


Jeff brings over 25 years of Internet, software, and consulting experience to leading Phase2. In his role as CEO, he sets vision, focus, and direction for the company and leads efforts to define the services we offer and markets we serve. He plays key roles in strategic partnerships, client acquisition, client success, and talent development.


Nicole Lind Headshot

Nicole Lind 

Chief of Staff

In partnership with our CEO, Nicole’s mission as Chief of Staff is to ensure alignment across all organizational areas of Phase2.  By empowering our leadership team and focusing on integration across departments, she oversees growth across our capabilities and offices. Nicole is also a driving force behind Phase2’s Tech Unites Us social impact program and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Frank Febbraro Headshot

Frank Febbraro


As CTO, Frank guides our team through the evolving landscape of digital products. Frank focuses on our knowledge systems, innovation activities, and our customer focused technology strategy.  He is equally comfortable reading a balance sheet or a pull request, and is always willing to get his hands dirty to ensure a client's success.


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Mike Morris Headshot

Mike Morris

EVP, Client Services

Mike brings over two decades of consulting and technology experience to Phase2 which has given him keen insight into how digital products really get made. Having served in multiple leadership roles at Phase2 over the years, Mike has spent the last 5 of those years leading the sales and accounts teams in driving revenue and building long-lasting client relationships. Spend two minutes chatting with Mike and you'll get a sense of his passion, pragmatism, and data-driven approach.


Ellie Power Headshot

Ellie Power

EVP, Delivery

Ellie Power’s experience in technology, product development, and talent development began with her role as “web goddess” for an online game startup during the dot-com era, when she was nominated for a Webby award. As the EVP, Delivery at Phase2, she combines this experience with curiosity, persistence, openness, and creativity to transform ideas into reality.



Stacey Febbraro Headshot

Stacey Febbraro

SVP, Revenue

As SVP, Revenue, Stacey helps organizations leverage digital technology to achieve impact. With 18+ years of agency experience, Stacey understands the unique challenges presented by today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape and what organizations can do about it. Stacey is passionate about creating experiences that allow individuals to take control and reach an optimal state of health and well-being.


Danny Groh Headshot

Danny Groh

SVP, Employee Experience

Danny is a highly experienced and energetic executive with a strong track record of turning strategy into concrete results. Danny has held several leadership roles at Phase2 during his tenure and currently oversees the Employee Experience department. He has a passion for developing and mentoring people.


Emily White Headshot

Emily White

SVP, Marketing

Emily White brings more than 20 years of experience in brand marketing specializing in brand development, market research, integrated creative campaigns, public relations, and strategic services in her role at Phase2. Emily has worked in communications leadership positions across multiple industries and creative services at leading organizations such as Creative Media Development, Edelman, and Enjoy Life Foods.


Marcus Stewart Headshot

Marcus Stewart

SVP, Finance

Marcus leads all functions of Finance at Phase2, balancing the financial needs of today with a constant focus on the big picture. His understanding of traditional financial planning and analysis, combined with an understanding of systems and automation, allows him to maintain alignment of healthy finances with the company strategy and vision.


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