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Mobile & Native App Development

Launch Your Presence on the Most Powerful Mobile Devices Enterprise applications as a digital front door for business

Mobile and native apps are no longer just a nice add-on to a digital product portfolio. Customers are expecting tailored experiences on their most powerful devices.

Gregg Shanefelt | Principal Engineer, Mobile

Our perspective can best be summarized as complement, never clone. We always have as our goal, building apps that enhance our clients’ digital product portfolios. 

Phase2 seeks to reach users wherever they are, whatever the channel (mobile, streaming) may be, extend our clients’ current digital offerings, and advance organizations’ larger digital strategy. The purpose of the mobile or native app to be built should be clearly defined, and often has a different purpose from other digital products. 

Our methodology includes: 

Integrating with existing APIs 
Using our decoupled architecture skills, we consume our clients’ data, content, and media to power their mobile apps. 

Creating accessible and intuitive user interfaces 
We expand on both Human Interface Guidelines (iOS) and Material Design (Android), by creating custom interfaces that are unique to client needs, but also familiar to users. 

We provide best practices for user flow and how the design conveys the user journey to our clients’ customers and offer insights on accessibility for what users need most. Additionally, we identify current trends on native platforms and the latest technologies in the mobile space. 

Building, iterating, and releasing enterprise-level mobile apps to app stores 
We architect applications that meet all app stores’ technical requirements to be available for download and iterate features as time, needs, and new use cases require.

Though we do have technological recommendations and deep experience with specific tools, Phase2 is at heart, technologically agnostic. We want to use whatever tool is best for the specific client’s needs and their future growth.

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