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Brands Are Born to Grow and Change We're your partner in creation and evolution

Authentic brand expression creates value for businesses, connection between organizations and their audiences, and meaning and belonging at every turn.

Caitlin Loos | Director of Brand Creative

Our brand creative vision is to help evolve brands that encourage humanity in every interaction. We work with brands that value their audience and truly aim to engender loyalty and love. We endeavor to ensure brand interactions culminate in coherent, memorable, and valuable experiences. We create context, applying innovative, intentional mechanisms so the right message reaches the right person, at the right time. 

We achieve this by: 

  • Spotlighting the best ideas. Our creative approach helps our clients’ best ideas rise to the surface to be seen and heard. 
  • Nurturing the genuine. We know that authentic human connection and engagement drives business results. 
  • Balancing the equation. Elegant concepts don’t always translate to everyday realities. To mitigate this, we unite the ambitious and practical, novel and familiar—brand expressions need to embrace a complex world. 

It’s important to remember a brand is not just the logo or font used on a letterhead or a homepage, it’s the vehicle through which core values are projected outward and inculcated inward. A brand needs to be applied consistently across every touchpoint to reinforce these values. 

Phase2 explores, reviews, and helps revise all brand positioning statements, messaging, and visual applications. We help clients achieve brand cohesion and integration through digital style guides and component-based design tools—providing web editors and marketing teams the freedom to create new content while adhering to pre-set guidelines. 

Though it’s impossible to predict every way a brand may evolve, together we can establish a brand that is firmly planted with space to grow in a flexible, future-forward way.

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