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Beyond the Basket Creating products that humanize transactional behavior

Each commerce experience requires a unique system of processes, regularly analyzed and optimized for your audience, your distinct marketplace, and your administrative flows.

Lori Barshinger | VP, Solution Delivery & Design

We believe that our mindset on commerce puts us in lockstep with our clients. They seek to earn a significant portion of market share via omnichannel experiences that make conversations with customers a breeze and using the moment of transaction to establish momentum for brand loyalty and repeat interactions. 

Implementing a commerce strategy with Phase2 includes planning around education, affinity, conversion, and engagement. Our holistic perspective carefully draws customer journeys from the very first touchpoint, crafting how they will experience the brand in ways that lead them into transactions with appropriate context and important information. 

Post-transaction opportunities allow re-engagement with the brand, continuing the relationship to deepen affinity. It then becomes possible to measure, nurture, model, and grow a community of brand loyalists. 

While we’re not solely focused on commerce, a deeply informed perspective on commerce is woven into the complex products we bring to market every day. Phase2 has been able to provide leadership by packaging more into a commerce portal, including: 

  • Courses that allow coaches to continue their fitness education 
  • Means of finding the right doctor to manage a patient’s treatment journey 
  • Case studies and educational resources that drive donations for non-profit organizations 
  • Price comparison models to ensure over-the-counter medications fit into family budgets 

We believe that this approach is the future of commerce, creating experiences that inform decision-making and improve the lives of those that engage with a digital product. Our commerce strategy fulfills the promise of a secure and mutually beneficial relationship.

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