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User Experience

Architecting Digital Journeys Designing for connection, usability, and impact

We employ user-centered design theory, design thinking, UX research, and design strategy to articulate goals, problems or opportunities, and recommend innovative solutions.

Jennifer Segalini | VP, Strategy

The Phase2 User Experience (UX) team is composed of researchers, strategists, information architects, and designers. We draw upon our myriad expertise, focused through the lens of end user needs and the tenets of usability. 

The UX team’s mandate is to consider the end user in all of our decision-making, enabling us to solve real problems for real people. The practice of UX exists because that user-centered perspective is critical to our clients’ success. 

An intelligently crafted user experience facilitates the connection between people and organizations through digital products. A poor experience breaks that connection, leaving users unsatisfied and organizations unable to reach their goals. 

For these connections to be successful, they must create value, prioritize usability, and provide meaningful and engaging interactions for all parties. Phase2 ensures the products that facilitate these necessary and deep-rooted connections. 

To help our clients provide this experience to their customers, we: 

  • Imagine products that are inclusive and accessible for all 
  • Design and build products that enable people to complete necessary tasks and make important decisions about their lives 
  • Create products that build and deepen the relationships between our clients and their customers, constituents, patients, and the public 

We create seamless, frictionless, digital experiences allowing people everywhere to engage with organizations and brands, creating value and generating impact.

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