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Customer Data & Insights

Solving the Marketer’s Dilemma Finding the human behind the customer

Because a customer’s data is something that they share, rather than something to be taken, it must be treated with the care and respect that would be accorded to the human behind the data.

Jason Hamrick | Director, Data & Insights

Our Customer Data & Insights team ensures that we're positioned to deepen our clients’ understanding of their customers across their entire digital landscape, in order to drive reach, content engagement, and business conversion. By understanding the complete person, we can derive insights and help our clients engage with those customers and constituents in a way that resonates, regardless of where they are along any single customer journey. 

We believe that data, when properly collected and organized within an organization, can help drive insight and yield incredible results for both our clients and their audiences.  It should guide and inform an investment across the digital experience, in areas such as:

  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy
  • User experience
  • Technology spending
  • Marketing and marketing operations
  • Content operations

Phase2’s approach to collecting customer data is grounded in security and transparency. Organizations that collect customer data have both a legal and ethical obligation to secure the data they collect and use it only for the purposes which are communicated clearly to the customer. Our responsibility is to partner with our clients to architect data collection and management systems that secure customer data and allow customers to opt out of data collection as easily as they opted in.

Marketing and communications leaders are facing a number of challenges—a customer’s dual expectation of personalization and privacy, the C-Suite expectation of return on marketing investment, and headwinds posed by regulatory regimes such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. Phase2 helps our clients navigate these inevitable market trends and recognize the long-term value of customer data. 

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