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Salesforce Platform Development

Business Strategies at Work Measuring the elusive ROI of omnichannel marketing

In today's digital world, an immense amount of data can be gathered. A key to success is being able to view that data in a useful way to see the 360 degree view of your relationship with a client. Salesforce does just that. Being able to customize your Salesforce instance gives you the tailored fit experience you're looking for.

Cindy Bender | Principal Consultant, Salesforce

As experts in the digital space, Phase2 creates products that contribute to our clients’ large, complex business ecosystems. We believe that it is not enough to simply measure the performance and impact of each product alone. Due to consumers’ ability to navigate across marketing channels seamlessly and because there’s an expectation for a consistent experience at every touchpoint, a behind-the-scenes system operating as a single source of truth, is a necessity. 

Phase2’s commitment to Salesforce enables us to house certified developers, administrators, product strategists, and analysts to provide the expertise to our clients. The foundational suite of solutions that Salesforce offers (Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud) are only the beginning. The platform also holds more specific products under these categories that businesses may need to achieve their goals. Pardot, Datorama, Einstein AI, and Tableau are just a few notable offerings. 

Phase2 architects these unique instances, but more importantly, our depth of Salesforce knowledge allows our teams to make the most relevant recommendations. Tailoring the platform development to the client saves precious time, money, and reduces technical bloat. Additionally, Phase2 can provide training and curriculum to users and even customize the look and feel of the instance to meet teams at their current skill level. 

Phase2 has provided Salesforce expertise to leading global organizations like Mastercard, nVent, AES, and the World Resources Institute. These organizations rely on Salesforce to remain leaders in their industries. Our approach to connect Salesforce from the beginning, to each digital product, quickly gets businesses to their ROI and product maturity.

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