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Healthy business. Healthy people. Healthy planet.

Our Sustainability Pledge

The connection between health and sustainability is absolute. As the American Hospital Association says, Everything that humans need for their survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on the natural environment.

Responsible and conscious use of our finite resources is a core value for Phase2. 

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Our Pledge


Phase2 is the first digital agency to sign the Health and Human Services Health Sector Climate Pledge. This commitment is one of the ways we stand with leading health systems in their climate pursuits. 

Health sector climate signatories commit to: 

  • Reduce organizational emissions by 50% by 2030  and achieve net-zero by 2050.
  • Conduct an inventory of Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions by the end of 2024.
  • Develop and release a climate resilience plan. 

We are well on our way to achieving these goals, and we are helping our clients do the same. We leverage our digital sustainability expertise to advise on the efficiency of digital products and tools. 

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Digital sustainability experts


The energy demands of digital is ever growing and even moreso in the age of AI. And in tech, high energy consumption is not just bad for the planet — it also means poor performance and higher costs.

Digital sustainability consulting guides our clients through: 

  • Sustainable web design
  • Hosting and tooling selection
  • Cost management and systems efficiency
  • Scope 3 digital emissions tracking 
  • Sustainability positioning and communication

Whether you are just learning about sustainable web design or deep in your Scope 3 tracking work, Phase2 is your guide in achieving your digital sustainability goals. 

Web Sustainability Guide

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Sustainability at Phase2


In our business practices, sustainability is built into the fabric of how we operate. 

  • Phase2 leads by example. Our recent website update reduced the carbon output of our site from a page weight of 7.5 down to 1.5 megabytes.
  • Our expertise is broad from our sustainable technology guild, to executive sponsor Nicole Lind, to design and development practice area experts, and our employee experience team.
  • With rigorous data tracking with CarbonHound and aggressive commitments of our own, we have not met a client sustainability pledge we will not sign.
  • Just like our clients choose us for our sustainability expertise, we do the same to ensure we work with climate focused partners and vendors. 
Not sure where to start? 

Reach out for a digital sustainability assessment. Let's roadmap your path to efficient, performant, sustainable digital products. 

Get started

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