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Deepening the Relationship Between Brands and Customers Create campaigns, then programs

Customers expect to be remembered, but marketers feel paralyzed by the complexity of adding personalization to their content strategies. Starting with simple tests, and building your personalization strategy as an iterative series of experiments, can jumpstart your personalization program.

Annie Stone | Senior Strategist

We believe a personalization strategy must both meet a business need and improve the customer’s experience. 

To deepen the relationship between brands and customers, we must create seamless, intuitive, and above all valuable, experiences for customers. Personalization is a content and experience optimization strategy that seeks to improve those relationships by delivering unique experiences that are useful, frictionless, and ultimately strengthen a brand. We believe that organizations that deliver the right content at the right time, as part of a memorable and resonant customer engagement, will prevail in their markets and grow a loyal customer base. 

We approach optimization strategies as data-driven experiments. A personalization campaign will begin with a hypothesis informed by customer behavior data, and validated through testing, to ensure the personalization strategy will improve the customer experience. 

It is easy for organizations to stall and falter when trying to launch a personalization program because of the mistaken belief that they must substantively redirect resources or invest in expensive tooling. Using an iterative, campaign-focused approach, we help our clients quickly start personalizing their customer experiences—layering on complexity as we gather more data and prove a measurable impact. 

Together, we can establish a strategy that strengthens your relationships—turning customers into converts.

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