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Content Strategy

Breaking Through the Noise Bridging the audience and business goal divide

The difference between good content and great content is that good content is written well—great content is deeply empathetic of the audience, is created for the channel, is inextricable from the design, and is a holistic part of the larger brand conversation.

Sierra Alvis Robinson | Director, Communications & Content

At Phase2, content strategies are developed in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team which includes brand, UX, design, and development ensuring a content production process that’s fully integrated into the larger initiative. Our goal is to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content that achieves our clients’ business goals and builds their brands. We also take into account all elements of a client’s communication including imagery, video, and the conversations taking place in their marketing and brand ecosystems. 

We believe: 

  • In designing for content—design plays a crucial role in communicating effectively
  • In creating content that expresses a brand clearly and consistently across all aspects of the digital experience
  • Copywriting delivers the best results when we serve as embedded consultants, partnering with clients to create and navigate their material 

Phase2 has two areas of focus within content strategy: 

  1. Frontend content strategy; this involves content design, messaging strategy, brand expression, editorial planning, brand voice and tone development, and customized content training 
  2. Backend content strategy; we conduct content audits and analysis; we optimize content operations and develop migration and governance plans 

Current traffic, user behaviors, and insights inform our approach. We thoroughly review every piece of content to achieve a deep understanding of the audience and awareness of the larger brand—to align our recommendations with future organizational goals.

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