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About Us

Our vision

Digital experience that advances the human experience

Phase2 employee explains using whiteboard

Phase2 is health. Connected.

Consumers rely on digital tools to find and validate information and navigate health tools. Health organizations rely on digital tools to advance their business, reach their audience, and propel innovation. Holistic digital experience addresses the needs of the consumer and the health organization simultaneously. Our vision propels connected health. 

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We make the future.

Sure, we are a digital agency. But most importantly, we are force multipliers for our category-defining clients — and we have been for more than 20 years. Phase2 is rooted in technology, passionate about customer experience, and grounded in data and insights. What we make inspires, engages, and creates impact.

We're guided by our vision: Digital experience that advances the human experience. 

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Our leaders are a force.

On any leadership team, you will find experience and expertise. On ours, you will also find listeners, questioners, and advocates who lead with wisdom, dexterity, and a relentless vision for transformation.

Leadership Team

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DEI is a daily practice.

Diversity makes us better.  Equity is how we all succeed.  Inclusion drives innovation.

At Phase2, DEI is not a statement we make, but a beacon for how we operate every day. As a business that relies on innovation and creativity, we know that it takes a truly inclusive environment to bring out the best in our team. We bring together personal accountability and organizational rigor to live up to our unwavering commitment.

To us, this looks like: 

  • Hiring for the inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture we want to sustain. 
  • Working with clients and partners who align with our commitments. 
  • Having the messy and difficult conversations that help us understand and empathize. 
  • Listening, learning, training, and adapting to the new ways we learn to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. 
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The digital products we make reach more than 14 million people per day. What we do here matters everywhere.

Jeff Walpole | CEO
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