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Our team is constantly drawing insights from our daily work and the world around us. Explore our library to peek into our culture, discover tips & tricks for solving technical challenges, or to revisit some of our latest podcasts, speaking opportunities, and events.

Frontend technology is a moving target and it can be dizzying to track even a fraction of the tools and methods available. So what have we been working on? What conclusions have we drawn and what's coming next?
Component Based Design
In a world of content overload, how do you break through the noise and distinguish your business? If you’re not creating emotional connections and offering frictionless experiences, you're missing opportunities and losing share of wallet.
Digital Strategy
Oil and gas companies have experienced significant disruption over the last 24 months. As a result, the industry is racing to update operating practices, pivoting to modern business practices, and accelerating digital transformation.
Digital Strategy
Every change engenders a range of responses, from full-throated agreement to heavy resistance — but you don't always know what you'll encounter. Make sure to bring everyone along with you as you initiate change.
Over the years, Phase2 has partnered with enterprise clients in healthcare, entertainment, financial institutions, and government agencies to develop and maintain their mobile and native applications. During this time we’ve learned countless lessons through our work.
An employee experience platform (EXP) is an integrated suite of tools that supports the management, delivery, optimization, and composition of digital employee experiences. EXPs deliver a platform to guide, speak to, and listen to employees.
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