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Engaging Audiences Across 11 Languages and 17 Countries To Empower Digital Transformation
WW (Weight Watchers)
Industry: Healthcare, Consumer Brands

When WW (formerly Weight Watchers) needed to build and launch a newly internationalized, they had three major challenges to overcome:

  • Limited staff availability
  • A short timeframe to implement mobile-first designs
  • Complex functionality

With monthly visitors exceeding 10 million and an integrated marketing campaign set to kick off in conjunction with a major product announcement, critical business objectives were hinging on the site’s successful launch. Speed to market was a top priority — a lot needed to happen and it needed to happen quickly.

Working in close collaboration with our partners at WW, Phase2 put together an aggressive sprint-based plan backed by an agile approach and test-driven development (TDD). Before each two-week sprint, our teams met to prioritize tasks and features for the upcoming development push. This constant revisiting of progress and goals kept us honed in on delivering the most impactful solution for launch.

Since our partnership with WW began, Phase2 has become an embedded and integral part of the WW digital team. From implementing cutting edge architectures, to optimizing conversions through A/B testing, to revamping the underlying localization infrastructure to engage audiences across 11 languages and 17 countries, we’ve helped empower WW to digitally transform their business.

At the heart of the platform is Acquia & Drupal. Serving as the digital backbone for WW, this platform attracts, engages, and retains members with dynamic pricing widgets, enhanced Meeting Finder interfaces, revenue generating ads, and dynamic optimization of the experience based on real-time results (personalization).

In addition, it acts as a brand safeguard, giving global editorial teams the flexibility to adjust content and layout within defined brand guidelines.

This platform streamlines the publishing workflow, resulting in a more efficient system for content editors. At the same time, customers are able to enjoy a consistent look and feel across all of WW’s digital properties.

With updated processes helping to improve workflow efficiency, remastered design, and a focus on continued Improvement, WW’s millions of customers will delight in the transformative changes still to come.

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