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Harnessing Global Growth
Industry: Consumer Brands

Given their massive active user count of over 330M, Pinterest’s ability to provide seamless, self-service digital products to facilitate ad-buying (Promoted Pins) and remedy general customer service issues is paramount. Phase2 has been Pinterest’s partner for nearly four years, architecting and implementing a suite of sites that support their core product including,, and

Pinterest’s new design system uses modular, component based libraries that integrate seamlessly into their platform by building on Drupal 8’s flexible Paragraph system. This methodology not only speeds up the entire development cycle, but it also empowers content editors and designers to create new page layouts without reliance on the technical team.

The new business site is tightly connected to Pinterest’s Salesforce CRM, allowing the digital marketing team to capture new business opportunities and grow existing partnerships.

As the world’s leading visual discovery engine, Pinterest has built a reputation for surfacing intelligently curated, engaging, and relevant content that delights ‘Pinners’ around the world. So when it came to solving user issues, Pinterest wanted to extend a similarly intuitive search experience to their new Help Center (

Phase2 combined a lightning fast React frontend with an AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) system to pull search results directly from the Drupal CMS. The combination of Drupal, React, and AI dares Pinners to “Ask Us Anything,” surfacing relevant answers and related topics before they’ve even finished typing.

In addition, Phase2 is using a CDP from Segment to map, capture, and monitor user behavior across Pinterest’s network of web properties. As a result, Pinterest can tell if help content is effective in influencing user behavior, save on customer support costs, and better serve advertisers and business partners, all while moving towards 1-1 personalization.

In a nod to efficiency, we used our existing work on Pinterest’s global component library to create the Help Center. By building off of the canonical design system Phase2 had built for previous Pinterest projects, we ensured that the new Help Center experience was not only on-brand but was also delivered faster and more efficiently.

To complement the new lightweight, fast, and vastly improved Help Center experience, we recreated contact forms with conditional logic. Now, users with critical issues that can’t be solved via The Help Center can quickly create and submit the right information to Pinterest’s internal helpdesk system, greatly speeding up the support team’s workflow. 

Pinterest and Phase2 recently set out to create a master data schema to map, capture, and track user events across a myriad of Pinterest-owned web properties. The ever-evolving product integrates Segment’s CDP into client-facing web technologies, internal business intelligence, and KPI monitoring tools. Using this combination of services, Pinterest is able to analyze data on-the-fly using anonymized customer profiles interacting across Pinterest’s digital brand. Tracking behaviors at scale requires detailed planning, deliberate data design, and collaboration between technology, data, and content, but the insights gleaned quickly translated to smarter business and support product decisions.

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