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Mastercard Salesforce Consulting


Consolidating Marketing Processes to Optimize Global Business

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The Starting Point 

Though Mastercard is a household name in credit and payment processing, they know that a card swipe is only one way to serve businesses and consumers. Mastercard also brings unique value to its customers through the insights provided by contributed data. 

The acquisition of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) allowed Mastercard Advisors to expand its customer offerings and eventually the two groups unified as Mastercard Data & Services (D&S). 

As with many acquisitions, the shared processes and systems of APT and Mastercard had to run in parallel until they could be effectively aligned and consolidated. These shared systems included two sets of lead management processes, two Pardot instances, and two internal support teams.

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The initial focus of this project was a technology consolidation strategy. However, very quickly, we drew out that there was a data and insights problem and that transforming the lead funnel was essential to achieving D&S’s goals. Rather than simply making technologies work together, the real need was to turn two distinct business systems into a single, efficient machine built for the future. 

As a result of this thinking, when Mastercard made the decision to fully assimilate APT, they leveraged Phase2’s work in creating this machine.

The Goal

The goal of this work was to:

  • Standardize technology and processes within and beyond Salesforce to enable D&S to operate as a single entity
  • Accurately track and demonstrate the marketing team’s contribution to the D&S group’s $2 billion annual goal
  • Ensure the technology solutions in place served D&S’s long term vision, plan, and metrics

The Work

Phase2, in partnership with D&S, developed a plan for strategic alignment across the disparate tech stacks, practical process consolidation, KPI development, and measurement modeling. 

Mastercard D&S and Phase2 initiated a process for tracking customer inputs and data to illustrate the marketing team’s concrete contributions to the organization. 

Through identifying lead qualification parameters, the Mastercard sales team began the process of receiving the right information at the right time--enabling it to better deliver for their customers’ unique needs.

The intentional approach of using Salesforce, Pardot, Adobe Analytics, and Tableau affords D&S a scalable system for lead management and marketing insights that could be applied to multiple divisions.

Experience & Talent 

Phase2 served as a strategic consultant on the sales and marketing relationship, providing the Data & Services group a prescriptive process map for actualizing their transition. This involved clearly articulating the current state, outlining the changes that must occur for the transition to the future state, and thus achieving a foundation for the future.

Your work continues to have extraordinary value.


The Outcome

Together Phase2 and Mastercard:

  • Unified KPIs, designed measurement models, and crafted systems for Mastercard Data & Services marketing team
  • Enabled the connection between the marketing team efforts and dollars earned for Data & Services overall, through reports, such as campaigns and influenced opportunities
  • Developed additional reports and multiple dashboards in Salesforce for marketing-specific metrics (number of leads, KPIs according to measurement models)
  • Successfully steered APT, Advisors and (ultimately) the D&S marketing team through a complex transition, including enabling a newly created lead generation team to begin work from the operational information and system design Phase2 created

Though system consolidations are never as straightforward or as simple as they may first appear, through Phase2’s work, Mastercard Data & Services is well-positioned to achieve its future goals.

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Mastercard, an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in New York, works to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart, and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, its innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments, and businesses realize their greatest potential.

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