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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Building A Force Multiplier

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Creating a digital platform that scales to meet the diverse needs of some of the world’s most recognizable brands — like Aveeno, BAND-AID, and Listerine — is no small task. Content editors must quickly react to shifting consumer demands, be able to pivot brand messaging on the fly, and coordinate strategic marketing campaigns that support everything from nurturing B2B relationships to new product launches.

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What we did

As Johnson & Johnson was looking to define a multisite Drupal system that would support 400+ sites, they engaged Phase2 to provide strategic architecture advice, outline a platform implementation roadmap, and oversee its execution.

To bring the right system to bear, Phase2: 

  • Conducted a comprehensive end-user requirements analysis, resulting in UX and Information Architecture that was highly scalable yet afforded each brand for key customizations
  • Created a page and site-building console that would allow content admins and digital product owners to create sophisticated landing pages in real-time, to spec — without developer intervention
  • Built a permissions-specific and universally shared publishing workflow that flexed to meet the needs of both highly regulated brands and traditional consumer goods
  • Defined a Drupal architecture tying together a dozen system integrations including a DAM, Acquia’s Content Hub, and Adobe’s suite of marketing analytics and automation tooling

Johnson & Johnson now has a digital experience platform that delights content admins, saves time and money, and is built to meet the needs of their ever-evolving business. Phase2 remains closely engaged with Johnson &Johnson as its executive digital strategy and architecture partner. We’re currently in the process of building out a cross-channel personalization testing model for consumer brands.

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Johnson & Johnson touches more than a billion people’s lives every day through its healthcare products and services.

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