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Department of Energy

Department of Energy

Streamlining Efforts to Protect Our Energy and Environment

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Leading the Transformation of Government Work

The Department of Energy is like a lot of vast government agencies. 
Ambitious mission. Large, dispersed staff. Hundreds of thousands of pages of critical content. Untold stores of data. 

To move at the speed our world demands, the Department needed multi-office editorial site management, robust custom workflows, a powerful centralized digital architecture, and automated site deployment tools. 

Phase2 has been a partner of the Department for nearly a decade and in that time, we’ve served as the product planning, architecture, infrastructure, and Drupal development experts. We’ve guided them through a transformative process—improving the quality of their digital presence and building a foundation of efficiency for a brighter future.


48% increase in time spent on page

470% increase in mobile ranking

35% improvement in search accuracy

62% increase in organic traffic

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It’s rare to find such a level of collaboration in the federal sphere and it’s been a real pleasure to work with your team. The Phase2 team has been instrumental for the success of 

Rob Roberts | Director of Digital Strategy, U.S. Department of Energy

Quality Content for Consumers

Phase2 and DOE launched the inaugural, mobile-first website for a federal agency. Since then our work together has resulted in the migration of 92 separate office sites onto the Department’s content management system (CMS), ensuring a consistent user experience and centralized management for their communications and administration teams. For example, an editor from the Public Affairs and Communications Office can—with appropriate permissions—easily publish and push content to any number of sites and enable or disable features on a per-site basis. With a custom MapBox integration, extensive data interactivity, and filterable search criteria,’s wealth of data is accessible to the public with appealing, easy-to-filter maps and other dynamic visualizations.

Over the course of our collaboration we’ve executed two major design overhauls, migrated over 100,000 individual pieces of critical content across multiple Drupal versions, implemented a world-class workflow solution, built a custom microsite solution, and visualized nearly 600,000 lines of data. 

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Empowering the Citizen and the DOE

The platform, using extensive data visualization, mapping and editorial tools, and APIs, empowers internal users and citizens alike through its robust functionality and modern digital experience. Department editors are freed from the need to use developers for content-related changes, while citizens enjoy a new level of access to energy data and government information via any device.

In short, our longstanding partnership with DOE has delivered:

  • A mobile-first web experience providing citizens and researchers with intuitive content and data access
  • A highly scalable and performant architecture with stringent security capabilities
  • A fully automated deployment process and testing suiteSelective content sharing between sites on the platform and custom workflows
  • Developer-free microsite creation and editor independence to administer content
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A Mission to Protect and Preserve

The Department of Energy (DOE), founded in 1977, has roots in the World War II era Manhattan Project and other energy-related programs throughout our nation’s history. The Department oversees our energy supply, acts to reduce nuclear proliferation, and manages environmental clean-up activities.

Most importantly, the Department focuses on the future by addressing the challenges that lie at the intersection of energy sources and our fragile environment, through transformative science and technological solutions. 

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