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Using Customer Data to Uncover Audience Insights

Chris Jorgenson | Director, Strategic Partnerships

Jason Hamrick | Principal Strategist, Data & Insights

May 27, 2020

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More than ever, marketers are feeling the pressure to demonstrate the value of their customer outreach, in part because of tightening marketing budgets. Marketers are drinking from a firehose of customer data, coming from a host of disparate, often disconnected systems. Customers expect a personalized experience and the C-Suite demands results. Squeezed from all sides, marketers need a strategy to wring real value out of their customer data.

Join Phase2 Director, Data & Insights Jason Hamrick to learn how to take control of your audience data and use it to connect your digital engagement strategy to business outcomes.

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenge posed to digital marketers by customer data
  • How to derive audience insights via customer data
  • How to find the confluence between your audience needs and your organizational goals
  • How to use the Digital Measurement Model to determine if your digital strategy is meeting those needs and goals

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