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Join Phase2 Director, Data & Insights Jason Hamrick to learn how to take control of your audience data and use it to connect your digital engagement strategy to business outcomes.
You can’t just collect data and hand it off, otherwise, you risk creating insights (and making poor UX decisions) based on false data.
User Experience
Cohesion (previously known as Cohesion DX8) is a fascinating contender in one of the toughest spaces in the enterprise content management game; the perfect middle ground between out-of-the-box and enterprise.
Drupal 9.0.0 will officially drop on June 3, 2020. The good news (which we’ve already covered in detail here, and here) is that Drupal 9 will not be a significant upgrade from Drupal 8.
With a static site system like Bodiless, brand owners can edit their product websites natively in a true WYSIWYG interface (no backend!). For more technical tweaks (such as updates to the CSS styling etc) there’s no need to wait for changes to be pushed live at a later date determined by IT.
Software Architecture
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