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We specialize in industries that provide information and services that people need to make important decisions about their lives; where availability, security, and accessibility are imperatives. Our work makes it possible for leading organizations to differentiate themselves through digital products that engage audiences anytime, anywhere.
Special Interest
Phase2’s work with OCHA is built upon our dedication and commitment to understanding the entire sphere of the intergovernmental and interoperable global humanitarian response. OCHA’s mission to protect people and save lives in humanitarian crises aligns closely with Phase2’s aim to build digital products that serve humanity.
Case Study
The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation partnered with Phase2 to create a single digital experience that spoke to each of their connected communities, on their terms.
Case Study
Phase2 teamed up with SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer and expert business mentors, to create a new brand identity for their COVID-19 Small Business Resiliency Program.
Case Study
Urban wanted to build the PFS web portal, which would be a community portal for people and organizations developing, implementing, or evaluating PFS projects. The portal includes the Support Center, a library of tools, and the PFS Perspectives blog.
Case Study
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