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Empowering the Business Behind Businesses
The SCORE Association
Industry: Nonprofit

Last year, SCORE mentors helped create over 32,000 new businesses. This year, Phase2 is helping them create even more.

Working in concert with SCORE and their partners, we’re helping to bring the power of Salesforce to the organization’s mentor/mentee matching program, ensuring volunteers and staff spend less time on administration and more time fostering successful businesses.

The new system utilizes the world’s most powerful CRM, pulling data from SCORE’s Salesforce installation and pushing it directly to the customer-facing website.

Mentors now receive a unique alias that permissions them into a single-sign-on (SSO) Salesforce instance—allowing them to directly manage their own profiles and appointments.

With the addition of Salesforce, SCORE can also connect powerful third-party outreach and marketing tools to their customer data, further enhancing their relationship with small businesses and furthering their mission.

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