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Personalizing the Fight Against IBD
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
Industry: Nonprofit
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Patient. Caregiver. Donor. Researcher. How can one website serve very different audiences?

The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation partnered with Phase2 to create a single digital experience that spoke to each of their connected communities, on their terms.

After all, this is much more than a website.

For those whose world has been turned upside down by IBD, the Foundation's digital presence had to be a place of connection, comfort, research, inspiration and, above all, hope.

Mapping The Journey

To better understand the Foundation's unique audiences, Phase2 conducted user research into the Foundation's key stakeholders. Armed with the results, we designed and built the new platform to meet the emotional and informational needs of patients, increase engagement with fundraisers, donors, and advocates, and reinforce the Foundation as the central authority on IBD. In addition, the research also helped Phase2 create a platform that better incorporated and catered to the Foundation's different national chapters and Professionals sites.

By using a personalization-ready modular design system, an intuitive UX, and Acquia Personalization, the Foundation now has the site architecture and tools to test, measure, and optimize their content strategy based on the behavior of their different target audiences.

In just 4 weeks post-launch, Phase2 and the Foundation team planned and executed a successful pilot personalization program that proved personalization should be part of the Foundation's future digital strategy, increasing donation transactions by an average of 62%.

Free from the need to call in developer assistance, site editors can now easily change content, and specify audiences to create personalized experiences.

With their new found freedom, the Foundation shifted from a uniformed, static site--with a singular experience for its community-- to a dynamic site that learns and changes based on interactions with its community.

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