State of Georgia Making the Move to Drupal Using OpenPublic

What a year for Drupal in government! After several major launches for Drupal at the Federal level from the U.S.

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What a year for Drupal in government! After several major launches for Drupal at the Federal level from the U.S. House of Representatives,, and, I am very pleased to announce that the Georgia Technology Authority will be migrating from the commercial CMS Vignette to OpenPublic, the Drupal distribution our team developed and open sourced for use in the public sector.

It is exhilarating to see that state governments are now making the switch from proprietary platforms to open source solutions like Drupal. The Georgia Technology Authority administers the systems that manage content for and 65 state agency websites. Phase2 will head up the effort with Acquia and Mediacurrent as our partners in this work. Mediacurrent is based in Georgia and Phase2 has a satellite presence in the state so this is an especially exciting project for us. Our team is looking forward to customizing OpenPublic to give the state of Georgia the strength and flexibility it needs at the enterprise level to expand online services throughout the state.

Starting with the high profile conversion of, Federal clients have found compelling reasons fueling their rapid adoption of Drupal in government. And now we have another trail blazing example of how these efforts are being conducted on a grand scale at the state level. State governments face the same budget and recession realities as the federal government, and these agencies are looking for real solutions to provide their citizens the access they need to public data and services. While cost efficiencies opened the door for open source in government, the growth of adoption signals that open source systems are doing an excellent job of fulfilling Open Government requirements and paving the way for even more innovative solutions layered upon these platforms to expand citizen participation in government.

"We are excited about the possibilities that Drupal brings to the state of Georgia,” said Calvin Rhodes, Georgia State CIO and GTA Director. “This new platform will give us the flexibility to offer more online services to Georgians while making government more efficient and saving taxpayers money."

We second that sentiment here at Phase2, and we look forward to bringing open source to the state of Georgia. Look for more exciting announcements as OpenPublic also starts to power more Federal sites on the national level and city/municipal sites on the local level.

Jeff Walpole

Jeff Walpole