Seven Ways We’re (Really) Living the Rebrand

Seven Ways We’re (Really) Living the Rebrand

Let’s face it, most companies have pretty lofty aspirations in their “rebrand” process: redefined values, revitalized mission statements, re-imagined vision. But often, what follows are some beautiful new assets and not a whole lot else.  For us, this was not an option.  A rebrand is way too risky and expensive to simply serve as a facelift for our organization.

When we merged Phase2 and Treehouse Agency last year, we made many goals, but one was primary: bring the best of both organizations together.  It’s taken the better part of the year, and we could not be more excited about our new brand.

Jeff and I have already given you a nice introduction to the new brand in this recent post.  At the end, we mention seven rules that guide us.  The “Phase2 Rules” are really tangible explanations of our rebrand, and we use them to keep us honest. So, for all the world to see, here are seven ways that we’re living our rebrand at Phase2, for real.  Hold us to these -- we certainly will!

  1. Never give up.
    Key to our success and our new brand is our willingness to take on really challenging problems -- and then persevere at solving them, no matter what. We’re excited to prove it to you: check out the exciting new generation of Open Atrium coming this spring, read our case studies to see what we achieved together with Thomson Reuters and, and watch our blog and site this year to see the new challenges we’ll take on.
  2. Work together. Play together.
    So this is an easy rebrand goal to “live out.” Our annual meeting this year contained many things you might expect: strategy discussions, financial review, and goal-setting, as it always does. But we followed it up with a night of shuffleboard, skeeball, and pool. At conferences, at meet-ups, or in our offices in DC & NYC, you’ll see our team working and playing together. And if you need any more convincing, stop by our booth at DrupalCon Portland. We won’t disappoint!
  3. Find joy and fulfillment in client successes.
    When our clients succeed in their missions, we’ve fulfilled ours. This year, every single client will be engaged in a conversation about whether we’ve helped to make them more successful. Want proof of the joy we find in our clients’ success? Come hear about our work with the Robin Hood Foundation at DrupalCon this year.
  4. Pinpoint the real problem, then solve it.
    Finding the “real problem” is half the battle -- we really believe that. This year, our technical team pinpointed a really specific problem: we did not have development environments that accurately mirrored our client environments. So, our team built Dev Cloud, an OpenStack environment that allows us to spin up any operating system we want with any configured software we need without having to procure new hardware every time we need to. It’s better for our clients and our teams, and helps us scale as an organization. If you’re a client of Phase2, you’ll see Dev Cloud in action on all of your projects, and your project will run more smoothly because of it.
  5. Share, teach, learn.
    Thought leadership and learning is part of our DNA at Phase2, but it isn't always easy to balance this with our day-to-day work.  This year, we're prioritizing our thought leadership with participation in more than 15 conferences around the world. Plus, our growing list of employee benefits includes budgeting days off and paid expenses for every single employee to attend professional development training, or education that will help them with their jobs.
  6. Jump in, take a risk. Make it awesome.
    It’s probably the hardest part of our rebrand to live out -- taking a big risk is the scary stuff that rebrands are really made of. Removing “Technology” from our logo and brand was a risk for us -- after all, we have built our reputation on being a technology company, and we are a team of technologists. But we are so much more than that, and we are always diversifying our offerings -- adding more strategic consulting, design, content strategy, and accessibility assurance to what we can do for clients. We’re okay with taking this risk, because we know we can make it awesome.
  7. Be real.
    Well, you can see from this post, transparency is key to our rebrand. We believe our clients and partners want to work with teams that are real. Teams that are open and honest. People you’d like as friends. We’ll show you this every single day: your experience with any single member of Phase2’s team should be consistently that -- real, open, and honest.


Michael Caccavano