Open Atrium 1.4 Security Release and Migration to

Security Updates: OG (, Spaces (
General Updates: Drupal 6.26, l10n_update, date, itweak_upload

Security Updates: OG (, Spaces (
General Updates: Drupal 6.26, l10n_update, date, itweak_upload

Building on the successful transition of OpenPublic and OpenPublish to new distribution packaging system, we are now releasing Open Atrium though this system. This will provide automatic packaging and direct download of Open Atrium from You will of course still be able to download Open Atrium directly from

To simplify the build, we have also moved Atrium Features and Ginkgo (Open Atriums default theme) to as well. You may notice that these two projects do not have their Issue Queues enabled. We will continue to use the thriving Open Atrium community website ( to handle all support and bug reports due to the complexity of the distribution. We encourage you to explore the community site, while you’re there jump into discussions or post your own question.

“Ford, what’s this fish doing in my ear?”

Open Atrium has been actively translated in to 30 languages. By moving everything to, we now have the ability to tap into the larger translation teams that are working hard to translate Drupal itself. We’ve moved all of Open Atrium translations to and now use the contrib module for l10n_update to fetch these translation at install time.

Open Atrium and Drupal can now both benefit from each other’s multilingual user base. If you're fluent in other languages we encourage you to visit and join your languages’ translation teams. Translating the UI is a great way for anyone to contribute directly to both Open Atrium and Drupal.

And Another Thing

The move of Atrium Features and Ginkgo to also means a change of license. Previously these parts of Open Atrium were license under the BSD License. We're happy to announce that these are now licensed, as Drupal itself is, under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or Later.

What does this mean for Open Atrium? Not much, Open Atrium has always been a community powered open source application, and continues to be so. This change creates consistency in licenses for Drupal developers and site owners, making it simpler to get involved and to deploy Open Atrium.