Next Gen Contextual Commerce: Webinar & Demo

Next Gen Contextual Commerce: Webinar & Demo

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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Retail's always been on the cutting edge of customer experience.

And building brand affinity with efficiency, consistency, and a strong identity have always been the pillars of good (and sometimes great) customer experience strategies.

But now, customers also expect a seamless, personalized experienceonline and offline. However, the ability to truly understand customers and orchestrate buying experiences across touch-points has only been technologically feasible, recently.

Enter Contextual Commerce

Contextual commerce ensures a seamless and personalized commerce journey throughout all of the customer’s brand interactions. This is now possible by leveraging customers' preferences and behavioral data captured through martech toolset and APIs that feed information into a headless commerce architecture. 

Headless You Say?

Why yes!

As opposed to traditional monolith commerce platforms, a heterogeneous platform allows an organization to pull data out of any brand touch-point and feed that data into tools like a CDP and a headless commerce solution. With this architecture strategy, an organization has the flexibility to tie together martech tools to create the best experience possible for their customers.

Creating One-to-One Experiences

Within the martech landscape we are seeing a growing interest and trend in API-friendly tools that allow organizations to build out these heterogeneous platforms. 

To showcase the power of contextual commerce (made possible with a headless commerce architecture) we recently integrated Acquia’s Journey and Lift personalization tools with Elastic Path Commerce, a flexible, open tool designed to deliver a unified selling experience. [Watch below]

The demo uses multiple channels and touch-points: (Twitter, website, email); in addition to a discount code and finally a purchase. As the user interacts with more touch-points, we are able to build a robust customer profile based on behaviors and preferences, and deliver more targeted and meaningful brand interactions across the whole customer journey. 

Learn More in our recent webinar:


Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist