Calling All Drupal "Glue" Players For DrupalCon

Erik Summerfield, Director of Engineering
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As a site building track organizer for DrupalCon Austin this year, Im really excited about the great submissions we've received so far. DrupalCon Austin is shaping up to be a fantastic event and the site building track will have some great content and insight for all levels of site builders. While DrupalCon Austin is a few months away, the session submission deadline is the end of this week (March 7th)! But never fear, you still have a week to submit your amazing site building session, so let me give you some hints about what kind of sessions we're looking for. This year for the site building track, we are looking for creative sessions about how people build sites with Drupal, but even more than that, we are looking for three other related topics that haven't been covered in the past.

Drupal 8

First we want to showcase sessions that discuss how Drupal 8 will effect Drupal site building. Drupal 8 will be a central topic throughout the camp, and I think Drupal 8 discussions surrounding the site building track will be especially engaging and insightful. We want to pick from sessions that dig into the features of Drupal 8 core and how these features might help site builders bring sites to life.

Multi-Site Platform Builds

We're seeing Drupal adopted by larger and larger enterprise organizations.  With this adoption, the conversation is shifting from how to build out a Drupal site, to how to build out a multi-site Drupal platform.  We are looking for sessions that highlight this new class of site building in Drupal, in which platforms are developed and used by site builders to create multiple sites from 10 to more than 100.

Content Strategy And Configuration

Finally, we are looking for sessions about integrating content strategy into Drupal site building. This last topic is really valuable, we want to find sessions that will explore how strategy effects site configuration and how conversions or limits in Drupal effect content strategy.

We're looking for the Glue.

While all Drupal site building topics are welcome, we will be looking for sessions that speak to people that have technical skills but do not spend most of their time in code. We feel these "glue" players are a big part of the Drupal community, and we hope the sessions will not only showcase what can be done with Drupal, but how site builders are developing strategies to get it done.

We have already received tons of great sessions, but we would love to see more! You have a week so come on down and submit a session!

Erik Summerfield

Erik Summerfield

Director of Engineering