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Mike Potter, Software Architect
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Open Atrium 2.0

After nearly a year of planning and development, I finally released the first BETA version of Open Atrium 2 over the weekend. So what's the big deal with Beta releases? Read on to find out.

What does "Beta" mean?

  • Stable core functionality:  Site builders can start using Open Atrium 2 now to create Drupal sites without worrying about changes to core functionality.
  • Forward compatibility: Any changes made to fix bugs that requires changes to data will automatically migrate the data seamlessly via update hooks. Your content in Open Atrium 2 will be preserved through the public release.
  • Automated testing: The Beta code base currently passes our automated functional tests as well as code quality and standards tests.
  • Base theme: The Beta product ships with a completed clean theme that can be used as an example for other site-specific themes.
  • Basic documentation: Initial documentation has been written and is available at
  • Still has bugs: Even public releases of modules typically have bugs. That's what's the Issue Queue is for. Beta versions will still have bugs, but are not expected to have the same rate of bugs as in the Alpha.
  • More bug tracking formality: Bugs will be reported in the Issue Queue and patches will be posted for review. After patches are reviewed by the community they will be committed to the code.

Roadmap between Beta and Public release

  • Better documentation: During Beta we will be working on improving documentation for both end-users and site builders.
  • Web site updates: We will be updating the various web sites, such as and with the latest information and screen shots.
  • Demo Content Tutorials: We will be developing the initial content that users see after installing Open Atrium to help them build a site. This will be a module or App that you will be able to turn off once you have learned how to use OA2.
  • Migration Scripts: During the Beta we will be developing sample Migrate scripts to move OA1 data into OA2 (where possible).

While everybody is excited about finally using the Beta version of Open Atrium, the natural next question I always get asked is:

"When is the public release??"

My magic 8-ball tells me that "This Fall is most likely." To learn more about Open Atrium 2, I have created a video that shows all of the features in the Open Atrium 2 Beta. I will also be giving a free in-depth day-long training session on OA2 as part of CapitalCamp this week (sorry, all sold out), and I will be hosting a one-hour overview of OA2 during my CapitalCamp session at 10:00am on Saturday if you are in the D.C. area. You can also hear more about Open Atrium on my DrupalEasy podcast, which aired today. Stay tuned to the @openatrium Twitter channel for the latest details and announcements, or email to get on our mailing list.  Please join the community and help with the issues on!      

Mike Potter

Mike Potter

Software Architect