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Geoff Winner, Developer
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From Intern to Full Time Developer at Phase2

My one year anniversary working at Phase 2 came and went this past October. I’ve recently been reflecting on all the first time experiences I’ve encountered in my career as a developer so far. I wanted to share some of my experiences for anyone considering a career as a developer.  

The tech industry is still growing rapidly and many jobs have opened up in development, especially in Portland. As one of these young new Portland developers building my professional development career, I was fortunate enough to have  an opportunity to participate in Phase2’s intern program.

The program reinforced my passion for development with the projects I got to contribute to and the potential co-workers I got to work with. After months of great mentoring and learning I was ready to tackle larger issues on my own and was hired on by Phase2 as a full time developer!

Geoff Winner, Developer at Phase2
Geoff Winner, Developer at Phase2

Learning to be confident

As a full time developer at Phase2, I was initially nervous to take on project responsibilities on my own, but through out my first year, I learned an important lesson: be confident.

If I could pass along the most important thing I’ve learned as  a developer so far, it is to be confident. Be hardworking, be diligent, be willing to learn, but also remember to be confident. You were hired for a reason: someone saw potential in you



Learning and Collaborating with the best in the business

During my first client project, I was regularly faced with new tasks and new challenges. I had some idea that this would be the case, but I came to learn that really this was a recurring part of the job and that the surprises and unexpected challenges were really something I enjoyed.

No one has all the answers, even though I have the privilege to work with some of the best developers in the business. Being part of a team allows us to bounce ideas off of one another, collaborate, and ultimately create better solutions together.

My advice to new developers would be to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience  that your coworkers hold as much as possible. While the solution seems to always be a collaborative process, learning from my peers and the journey to the solution has improved my skills as a developer immensely.


Interacting with Clients

Interacting with clients is a very real and large part of the job and happens to be a part I personally enjoy a lot. From presentations to large groups, to smaller one-on-one interactions with other team members or stakeholders, I’ve found that developers end up interacting with clients quite a bit!  

A new developer may be wary of this task but really there is nothing to fear. Be confident and bold and excited about your work and get others excited about your work too. Teaching others about your job and the things you enjoy working on will not only improve communication and understanding with the client, but  also help you frame the challenges and solutions for your own work and ultimately help you learn and advance in your own career.

I think for the new developer entering the workforce there can be so many doubts and unknowns that might hold someone that has a lot of potential back. The deadlines, the large projects, the client interaction, the intimidation of working with others far more experienced. These could all be seen as roadblocks but in my own experience as a new developer, I have come to see all of these as welcome challenges.

After the latest successful launch of a large project and my one year anniversary, I look back and cherish all the great experiences I’ve had. I hope that anyone new entering this industry that reads this can remember this and have similar thoughts during their first anniversary.

Geoff Winner

Geoff Winner