Announcing Product Support for Open Atrium on the New

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Yesterday we announced the purchase of Open Atrium, a team collaboration tool and Managing News, a pluggable news and data aggregator from Development Seed. We are very pleased with the positive support we received from the community with yesterday’s announcement. Thank you for your emails, calls and tweets. Today we are excited to make another big announcement today: Expert Services, including Product Support, for Open Atrium, plus a new website at   Now Providing Expert Services The acquisition of Managing News and Open Atrium signals a major commitment to the community. At Phase2, we understand the importance of providing ongoing support and maintenance associated with any Drupal distribution. Part of that is excellent maintenance of the underlying modules of these products. These modules are central to all of our products, so maintaining them with the utmost attention to quality is in our best interest, as well as the community’s. But maintainance is only part of the equation. One of the reasons why Drupal adoption continues to grow, and to be implemented by such a huge number of prestigious organizations, is because it has such a strong community providing support, innovation, and maintenance. And now that the community has built such advanced distributions and products, it's important to make sure that the entire community has the support they need to use them to their full potential.   Community Solutions Our solution, driven by the requests of the vibrant Open Atrium community, is to provide users with the technical support they need to successfully implement their Drupal site. Our Product Support does not include things like theming and coding, but it does mean that we are able to provide help Drupal implementers in a way we’ve previously been incapable of doing. Through Product Support we will be able to work directly with developers to troubleshoot issues that come up from trying to use Open Atrium including: installation, configuration and customization. We are also available to help with consulting and training needs that arise from implementation and maintenance of Open Atrium sites. We are absolutely dedicated to making the user experience with Open Atrium awesome. Finally, we weren't just blowing smoke yesterday when we said this acquisition is part of a long-term partnership and collaboration with Development Seed. The site itself represents a collaborative process between our organizations. Understanding the true needs of the market as Development Seed has observed, and combining it with Phase2's ideas on how best to advance these products and support their customers has yielded a new site that we believe will truly serve the Open Atrium market. And did we mention the absolutely gorgeous designs that Development Seed's Saman Benrud dreamed up? Thanks to the hard-working team over there on 14th Street.   Brought to you by Saman Benrud Later this week, we'll talk further about why we made this specific investment from a business model perspective. And yes, we'll answer "what does 'buying' an open source product actually entail?" We'll talk about how we plan to make it fit our strategy and detail how our plans for greater investment, education and support for the emerging Drupal distribution stack. For now, enjoy the new, and let us know your thoughts on our Product Support offerings. We are excited to support this awesome community in a new way.

Karen Borchert