• Tirdad Chaharlengi

    Tirdad Chaharlengi

    Software Architect

    Tirdad Chaharlengi is a software architect with experience in an eclectic selection of environments, ranging from a computer game company (Nevrax) to the Internet division of TF1, France’s leading private television channel. When he joined our software development team, we knew that his background working on web applications in a broad range of domains would benefit our clients.

    Today, Tirdad combines his deep Drupal expertise with a keen understanding of the importance of simple and flexible solutions.

    He earned an MS in Computer Science from ESIEA in Paris.

    What are your favorite technologies right now?

    Ruby on Rails, Symfony2.

    What sound do you love?

    The hum of aging machinery.

    If you were an ice cream flavor what would it be?

    Vim flavor.

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