• Mike Morris

    Mike Morris

    SVP, Capabilities

    As Senior Vice President of Capabilities, Mike Morris works pragmatically (and tirelessly) to identify and oversee implementation of effective, scalable technologies that ultimately result in happier clients.

    With more than 16 years of software engineering and project leadership experience under his belt, Mike has honed an almost second-nature ability to help customers identify the root of their pain points. He’s able to envision realistic, bright ideas and then bring them to life by steering the development team to successful delivery, each and every time.

    “Since I know we deliver products that really help clients, I’ve come to find great joy in hearing a client or team member say, ‘That sounds perfect,’ during brainstorming. Because once everyone agrees that we’ve got a solution, building it is more fun, too.”

    Clients tell us that they appreciate Mike’s fine-tuned balance of big-picture thinking with detail-oriented execution. They feel comfortable knowing he’ll push the envelope but not at the expense of budgets, timelines, or quality.

    He holds an MS in Engineering Management from the George Washington University and a BS in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University.

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