• Mike Crittenden

    Mike Crittenden

    Software Architect

    As a Senior Developer at Phase2, Mike utilizes his talents at both front and back end development to create integrated solutions for our clients’ challenges. He is best known for his intimate knowledge of Drupal API and AJAX integration as well as dealing with applications that rely heavily on JavaScript. An incredibly responsive worker, Mike always focuses on meeting client’s needs above and beyond their expectations.

    Entering the Drupal world completely by chance after college, Mike worked within the community for around five years before coming to Phase2. He is incredibly passionate about creating sites with clean code that avoid the bulkiness of some Drupal sites drowning in modules. In addition, he is very active within open source communities with numerous contributions to D.O. and dozens of repos on Github. Firmly committed to any and all deadlines, Mike always delivers – regardless of what difficulties might come his way.

    In addition to his extensive experience in all aspects of Drupal development, Mike has helped to build numerous responsive websites, including many that were solely dedicated to mobile. He is also well versed in 3rd party integration services work on both the server and client sides.

    Mike received his B.S. in Computer Science from Furman University. He is currently based out of Greer, South Carolina.

    What is your favorite website or most-visited website?

    Toogl.es! But I’m biased…

    If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor and why?

    Ted Dziuba–I love his “tried and true” approach to development and his no-nonsense attitude.

    What’s the most interesting or weird thing in your workspace?

    A little stone gargoyle I use for “rubber ducky debugging.”

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