• Joema Scott

    Joema Scott

    Project Director

    Project Director Joema Scott, Jr., deftly juggles client interaction and project execution thanks to his more than seven years of accomplished experience leading engagements from concept through delivery. He is skilled at pro-actively administering the correct processes and tools to support an iterative software development lifecycle, as well as mitigating all foreseeable risks.

    His analytical mindset is complemented by a genuine, congenial nature that clients and team members appreciate. These skills are pivotal to Joema’s consistent success in facilitating discussions, outlining client and team expectations, and articulating the process that lead to successful, efficient outcomes.

    “Working with such esteemed clients and managing a fun team of designers, developers, and strategists at Phase2 is very rewarding.”

    Before joining us, Joema served as a Technical Project Manager for Baltimore-based R2integrated and as Product Manager for STRATA in Chicago. He earned a BS in Chemistry from Princeton.

    What sound do you love?

    The spin of a bicycle wheel.

    What are your top five jams?

    Raspberry, marmalade, strawberry, boysenberry and Jane Says.

    What is the most rewarding part of your job?

    It’s dynamic.

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