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Our team is constantly drawing insights from our daily work and the world around us. Explore our library to peek into our culture, discover tips & tricks for solving technical challenges, or to revisit some of our latest podcasts, speaking opportunities, and events.

2020 was a pivotal point for most organizations, forcing digital acceleration. In the manufacturing and distribution world, it forced organizations to assess their digital landscape and adapt: moving in-store/catalog purchases to online channels.
Digital Strategy
Your technology is often not included in the same conversations as strategy and goal setting. Technology usually comes later, or not until someone tries to execute a strategy and realizes how difficult it will be with available compatible technologies.
Strategic Planning
Salesforce’s cloud based CRM features many advanced tools that are accessible to administrators. Process Builder is one of these tools and allows an admin to build business rules that react to the creation and editing of records.
Digital Strategy
You and your team have created something of real value, now all you have to do is sit down in front of a webcam and present your work to a screen full of distracted attendees over a videoconference, keeping them engaged, attentive, and on-task. Easy right?
Tech Unites Us
Inspired by the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar, the Phase2 Innovation Radar is our tool for organizing research and experiential knowledge. This tool has proven vital in tracking the rapidly evolving facets of today’s digital experience platforms.
While self-service is critical, the path to achieving it and what it should look like for your organization are not always easy to uncover. But the theme is clear: the future is about providing care on demand, when and where patients need it.
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