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Earning Loyal Customers with Community
Industry: Consumer Brands

Workday, a leading provider of cloud-based financial and HR applications, has revolutionized the enterprise software market due to their commitment to putting people first. The Workday customer and partner community has grown to over 70,000 members in past two years - a 60% increase. 

In light of their rapid growth and evolving business needs, Workday teamed up with Phase2 to create an inspiring, interactive community platform that supports, educates, and empowers their customers through collaboration with peers and partners.

By using Drupal 8 as a base, Phase2, working in tandem with Workday’s Community team, architected and built a streamlined community hub for Workday. The platform empowers members to create and engage via topic forums, receive regular product release information, quickly discover valuable resources, connect with support, and influence Workday’s product roadmap via a custom “Brainstorm” feature.

Building Workday’s online customer community platform on Drupal 8 allowed the team to create a flexible, streamlined user experience that more closely mirrors Workday’s innovative suite of products. The Drupal platform enables Workday to integrate disparate systems and tools such as Salesforce and Mulesoft to create a seamless experience that serves both their customer community members and internal support teams. Consolidated content, intuitive search, and redesigned navigation help Workday lower customer support costs while increasing member engagement.

Workday is an example of an ambitious organization that really understands how to leverage open source to build powerful solutions while also contributing back to the technical community. Throughout the build, Workday contributed 12 modules and over 180 core and contrib patches to Drupal 8, helping advance the progress of the technology that will underlie their Community site for years to come.

Through their work with Phase2, Workday has strengthened their own customer community while highlighting the business value of connecting customers to support one another’s goals.  The new community platform helps Workday deepen user engagement, increase customer satisfaction and grow a membership of brand loyalists, all while receiving valuable product feedback and reducing support costs.

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