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Conversion Focused Content Experience
Time Inc.
Industry: Media & Entertainment

When Time Inc. chose to leave its proprietary content management system in favor of an open source solution, it remodeled traditional online publishing, taking a decisive step forward from the days of treating publishing a website like a print magazine. Phase2 was selected to help create a set of best practices and guidelines around building new sites for each magazine brand in Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Group.

Our goal was to move each Lifestyle Group site (including,,,,,, and to Drupal-based instances as quickly as possible, a migration which involved hundreds of thousands of pieces of content.

Drupal’s flexible architecture, powerful editing tools, and sophisticated integration capabilities allow Time Inc. to now distribute content more efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of the proprietary system previously in place.

Using Drupal, we were able to significantly improve the experience of Time Inc.’s editors. The editing tools are more intuitive than the clunky application used previously, and the interface is streamlined for an all-around efficient workflow, from drafting to editing to publishing. Under the new approach, it’s possible to deploy code in as little as five minute and on-boarding time for new developers was reduced from months to days.

After working with Phase2, not only does Time Inc. have an open source CMS better equipped to handle the demands of 21st century media, but Time Inc’s Lifestyle brands are more prepared to deal with future changes and challenges with the support of flexible technology and well-defined best practices.

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