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Increasing Productivity With A Powerful Design System
Red Hat, Inc.
Industry: High Tech

Red Hat, a driving force for innovation in open technology, needed a plan for the future of their content publishing system. As part of our long-standing partnership, Red Hat turned to Phase2 to ask: “How can we update site content and designs faster, accommodating multiple departments and teams in the process?”

Red Hat needed a scalable, flexible design system in order to publish designed content more efficiently.

Phase2 designed a system that was flexible enough to accommodate the needs of various teams and Red Hat empowered those teams to be as effective as possible. Content administrators can build faster without any knowledge of HTML. Developers can take advantage of reusable components to reduce re-work and focus on more important challenges. And the design team can leverage an advanced prototyping process to speed up their workflow.

Most importantly, Red Hat’s design system brought each of these teams onto the same page, encouraging collaborative design and the sharing of ideas while enabling the quick publishing of designed content.

By unlocking the power of reusable design components, Phase2 enabled Red Hat’s internal development teams to push out polished designs and content much faster than ever before. So fast, in fact, that productivity for the design team increased by 50 percent.

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