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The Well: Consumer, Not Clinical
Northwell Health
Industry: Healthcare

The new generation of healthcare providers recognizes the need to be a part of patients’ lives beyond when they require medical attention, striving to be the go-to resource for health and wellness information. To accomplish this, Northwell Health needed to move beyond traditional brand awareness into community engagement. Operating with the understanding that all brands are publishers, they moved to launch a new content brand. The Well was born.

The Well is an editorial platform and media distribution channel focused on providing high quality content aimed at reducing stress, providing real answers, and building confidence for customers and new audiences alike. It is the fastest-growing publication produced by Northwell Health and is spurring unprecedented growth in search, social, and referral traffic to the health system. As a result, campaigns are reaching up to 20x more people than before the channel launch, using the same level of financial investment.

Phase2 worked with Northwell Health to define and design a new ‘sub-brand’ identity and design language. The Well combines content and design to expand and deepen brand awareness and community engagement initiatives.

It’s one thing to create an emotive brand and visual identity, but quite another to ensure that it translates to improved performance of foundational business KPIs.

The Well had to deliver on specific performance indicators, including:

  • Reducing content creation costs
  •  Driving web conversions
  • Increasing media spend efficiency
  • Boosting email database growth
  • Increasing referral traffic to
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