• Brandon Morrison

    Brandon Morrison

    Senior Developer

    Brandon is a developer who has worked with Drupal since 2005, when his college newspaper decided that they needed a local answer to Facebook. While one side clearly won that battle, Brandon has been hooked on Drupal ever since.

    Brandon’s aptitude at solving problems from many different perspectives makes him a valuable addition to the Phase2 community. Brandon’s specialties include front-end development, user-experience work, and mapping projects.

    Before coming to Phase2, Brandon worked at a communications firm serving conservation groups, where he provided support and guidance for clients building informative websites.

    Brandon holds a B.S. in Media Design from Middle Tennessee State University. In his spare time, Brandon co-maintains multiple mapping-related Drupal modules, including the Geofield module.

Do you have any creative pursuits? Tell us about them.

I’m a big music fan, and I’m an occasional artist (pencil sketches and pen and ink)

Emacs or Vim?


Got pets? Tell us about ’em.

2 cats, Gypsum and Dru.

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