Your Omni-Channel Strategy Playbook

Your Omni-Channel Strategy Playbook

Riche Zamor, Director, Strategy
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Your audience expects their interactions with your brand to be consistent, personal, and seamlessly integrated with their lifestyles. All of these expectations are making omni-channel adoption a major requirement for your business.

What is Omni-Channel?

Omni-channel can be summed up as an approach to customer experience management. The driving principle of omni-channel is that consumers should have a consistent experience across all touchpoints with your brand, and that experience should be continuous and personalized as they move from one touchpoint to the next.

Omni-channel goes beyond digital. It includes offline and analog touchpoints, such as in-store, on the phone, and in direct mail. Unlike a multi-channel approach, omni-channel content is tailored to address a user’s specific preferences, behaviors (e.g. previous interactions with the brand), environment, and mindset.

Planning your Omni-Channel Strategy

To learn about all the elements of an omni-channel digital experience, check out my previous blog on the topic. Basically, an effective omni-channel digital experience should:

  • Cut across channels and platforms, with a look, feel, and form that is tailored to the medium on which the experience is consumed
  • Be contextually aware of the environment the individual user is in (i.e. platform, device, day/time, location, weather, etc.)
  • Be personalized to the specific consumer’s needs, crafting the experience through the use of data your brand has about that specific consumer

Establishing an omni-channel strategy can seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be! We created a white paper that provides a clear roadmap for developing an omni-channel strategy for your business.

Cover of omni-channel playbook

Download “Omni-Channel Digital Experiences” to learn:

  • Why it’s so crucial for your brand to develop an omni-channel strategy in today’s digital consumer culture
  • What channels and touchpoints to consider
  • Which operational model is best suited for your business with clear examples
  • Best practices for getting started and iterating to reach your omni-channel goals

The key to making omni-channel part of your digital strategy is to think long-term but start small, iterating as you go.

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Riche Zamor

Director, Strategy