Why Our Developers Are Excited for Drupal 8

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst

D8 is here! Drupal 8 was officially released on November 19, and we're in celebration mode. We've written a lot about the benefits of Drupal 8 from a business perspective, but I wanted to use this blog post to share why Phase2's technical team is excited.

As the Director of DevOps, I'm excited because...

Other team members, like Senior Developer Mai Irie, are excited about the potential of Drupal 8 to enhance cross-community collaboration.

Software Architect Jonathan Hedstrom, a major contributor to Drupal 8 core, believes this is the best version of Drupal we've seen yet.

Finally, Developer Mike Nielson explains why Drupal 8 will revolutionize the way we build the web.

See what the rest of the community thinks about the arrival of Drupal 8, and share why you're excited in the comments below!

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst