What Can Open Atrium 2.0 do for Your Organization? Find out Tuesday!

atrium_box_350Open Atrium

has long been a leader in open source tools for team collaboration, intranets, and social business software. Now, we're releasing the Open Atrium 2.0, with a new generation of collaboration tools to help your organization get work done together, better. Now, Open Atrium 2.0 has an alpha release, and we're excited to show you how it can work wonders for collaboration in your organization!

On Tuesday May 14, 2013 at 12:30 pm ET, we'll be hosting a webinar to show your organization can use Open Atrium for team collaboration.  Register Here! 

But to answer a few of your first questions...

What is Open Atrium?

As a flexible, open source solution, Open Atrium is not a single, standalone “solution,” but a platform that can be used to create an intranet, web portal, discussion platform, or project management tool, or a combination of these.

Open Atrium 2.0 is for organizations with teams, clients, or affiliates who need a common platform to communicate, collaborate, and manage knowledge. From multi-brand corporations to geographically dispersed companies; from national nonprofits to international aid efforts; from networks of government agencies to local or national political campaigns; Atrium connects teams with knowledge.

Is Open Atrium a Good Fit for my Organization?

Open Atrium is Good For Organizations with...

  • Multiple chapters, affiliates, franchises, or brands:

  • Global, Regional, and Local communication needs

  • Multiple offices, teams, or branches

  • Forums or networks of customers to engage

  • Multiple campaigns, projects, newsbeats, or aid efforts

  • Multiple project teams communicating with external clients

Ready to hear more!? Of course you are. Come on over to the webinar, May 14 at 12:30 ET, for a tour of the new Open Atrium. Registration information can be found here.



Karen Borchert