Welcome to the New Phase2! A new brand & a new website for our company.

Welcome to the New Phase2! A new brand & a new website for our company.

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One year ago this week, we announced the merger of Phase2 Technology and Treehouse Agency. Today, we are proudly launching a new brand that reflects the new company we have created together. The changes consist of a new visual identity (i.e. logo, color scheme, visual style), messaging (mission, vision, culture, positioning), and a brand new website (finally!) Our rebrand is a symbolic conclusion to a period of integration and renewal which has been one of the best things we have ever undergone in our 12 year history. This process began when the merger created the opportunity to refocus our core tenets and values, and to refresh our brand to more accurately reflect the personality and culture of our company today. Further, it captures our aspirations for the future to grow, provide more strategic services and expand the scope of clients and solutions we provide for them.

Time for Change

Like any growing company, Phase2 and Treehouse each felt like we had outgrown our previous brands, and a fresh perspective was needed. Following the merger with Treehouse, we made a conscious decision to dig deep in our company and culture and look critically at who we are as a combined company. It was clear we needed to craft a brand that would encompass our current work, our capabilities, and our personality and where we aspired to take things in the years to come. That was not an easy process. We had rebrand discussions, staff surveys, client feedback, and a little help from our friends who were experts in branding, visual identity, and content along the way. (A special thanks to Chris Herron and to Amy Cham for their excellent perspective and hard work.) And at the end, there were many long hours and soul searching sessions from people across the whole spectrum of job functions on our team.

Succeeding for Our Clients

At the core of the rebrand is our mission. At the end of the day, we’re here for one reason: to make our clients successful. Our hard work and passion is fundamentally driven by a desire to share and celebrate our clients successes. We develop lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to get beyond the superficial pain points, to the root of their business challenges, and then we work on solving them together. It’s what makes us excited to come to work each day, and we believe it’s what makes or breaks us. So we kept our new mission statement simple: [phase2_portfolio_block style="quote"]"We exist to make our clients more successful."[/phase2_portfolio_block]

Focus on People

You’ll also notice that a key element of our new brand is a focus on our people. We believe that the most creative and innovative team is the team who knows how to have fun and celebrate each other and our work. Our greatest strength is our people. Our team members are brilliant at their craft, and we’re so proud of what each individual brings to the table, be it elegant code or a knack for user experience. We want our new brand to introduce the world to these amazing thought leaders. Plus, they’re really awesome people. They are as good at home brewing as they are at code; as well-versed in beekeeping as they are in business analysis. And that’s a big part of this too. When you focus on personal relationships, you get the added benefit of getting to work with your friends. That’s a value of ours that we try to live every day. Speaking of which, we have identified updated the core values that we believe represent us: [numbered_list classes=""] Dedicated Collaborative Smart Authentic Adaptable Fun [/numbered_list]

Continued Commitment to Open Source

You’ll notice that the tagline, [big_text_block classes=""]“Open Source. Open Minds.”[/big_text_block] remains the same. That’s on purpose, as an unwavering part of our company identity. As open source software becomes more popular, we remain committed to participating in open source initiatives. Promoting, contributing, investing, and developing open source technology will always be part of our company’s DNA.

Living the Brand

Today’s launch culminates a design and rebrand process, but it’s really just Day 1 of our new brand. Truly “rebranding” requires living the brand, the values, and the mission you’re putting out there, not just painting all the walls orange (but we did that, too!) To make the core values a little easier to think about and apply in real life, we worked them into a list of seven Phase2 Rules: [numbered_list classes=""]Never give up. Work together. Play together. Find joy and fulfillment in client successes. Pinpoint the real problem, then solve it. Share, teach, learn. Jump in, take a risk. Make it awesome. Be real.[/numbered_list] So that's it for the first look at our new brand. In subsequent posts, our design team will explain the visual elements of the new brand and our dev team will talk about building the new website. We hope you come back to read about those too.  


Jeff Walpole

Jeff Walpole