Watch Our "Navigate the Drupal 8 Decision" Webinar

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst

On Thursday, March 10, Phase2 hosted the second installment in our D8 webinar series, "Navigate the Drupal 8 Decision." Frank Febbraro and Shawn Mole discussed how to determine if Drupal 8 is the right choice for your organization, then answered listeners' questions. Both Frank and Shawn are strategy experts with over 12 years of experience helping enterprise organizations with Drupal upgrades.

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The webinar included a breakdown of the current CMS market and new Drupal 8 features, as well as a candid discussion on the benefits of Drupal 7 versus Drupal 8.

Miss the live webinar? No worries - you can watch the recording here. Please comment below with any questions for Frank or Shawn!

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst