Vote: Marketing and Selling Drupal - A Lively Panel Discussion

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Our CEO and Founder, Michael Caccavano, has proposed Marketing and Selling Drupal - A Lively Panel Discussion for DrupalCon Denver.

Drupal is at an inflection point. While the recent adoption trends have been positive, the content management system (CMS) space is becoming more competitive. The proprietary CMSs are starting to take notice and the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) campaigns against Drupal have just begun. In this panel discussion, we will explore and recommend ways to better position, sell, and market Drupal. We will share actual success stories from the trenches of how large, enterprise-level Drupal deals were won (and lost).

This session is for anyone that has a vested interest in the success of Drupal – it is not solely intended for non-technical, sales and marketing professionals. In the Drupal community, everyone is a potential ambassador.

Bryan House, VP of Marketing at Acquia will moderate, and the three panelists will include: Dave Terry (Partner at Mediacurrent), Glenn Hilton (Founder and President of Imagex Media), and Michael Caccavano (Founder and CEO of Treehouse Agency).

Come and join us for what should be a lively panel discussion!

If you're interested in this session, please vote on it. And if you have comments or questions regarding the proposed session, please comment below.