Vote: Let's Be Upfront About Performance

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Brian McMurray and Steven Merrill have proposed Let's Be Upfront About Performance for DrupalCon Denver:

Studies show that a small slow-down in website responsiveness can cause a large drop in user satisfaction and engagement. That means lost eyeballs, and potentially lost sales. With increased mobile use in accessing sites users have slower CPUs, smaller caches, and less bandwidth.

Latency issues with the site’s front-end are rarely covered in tutorials on the web despite the fact that it accounts for more than 90% of the latency on 8 of the 10 largest sites.

In this talk, we'll cover the current issues regarding front-end performance, including unique concerns for users on mobile devices. We will introduce various ways to measure and solve front-end problems and demonstrate how some of them can be brought to bear on the Drupal sites that you build.

If you're interested in this session, please vote on it. And if you have comments or questions regarding the proposed session, please comment below. Even if it isn't accepted at DrupalCon Denver, Steven and Brian would value your feedback.